Living my Passion!

DeniseLecturer, technical advisor, colour expert, Principal and for ever hairstylist!
I believe in contributing growth into the industry with high quality training. Every successful La Louve student is part of my Success and every happy client part of the La Louve family!

Life Motto:

Don’t react go into action!

 Been in the industry for over 8 years and I love it!

AdielI’m a lecturer and a senior stylist at La Louve Professional salon and academy. I am the extension queen with loads of patience!


Life Motto:

I commit to excellent service and giving a 110%

I am a workaholic with a passion for people.

SharonWorking with creative people is fulfilling although sometimes challenging. Seeing how students enter our academy uncertain of their abilities and leaving the academy after their studies, self-assured and passionate to succeed with what they have learned. And this is the reason I am a workaholic at La Louve every day!

Life Motto:

Live your Life and forget your age.


It is amazing being part of such a wonderful team!

DanaeI recently came back from working all around the Caribbean.

And honestly there is no place I would rather be but here at La Louve PHA! I have grown so much as a person, a stylist and I’m on my way of becoming a lecturer. I was born to be here!! It is wonderful to see students change into great stylist, with job opportunities right around the world! Come and be part of the La Louve family and join in on all the fun!


Life Motto:

Do it with passion or not at all!

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